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SonLife is all about the community. Both inward and outward. We are not programmed to death and find ourselves very intentional in the events that we weekly and occasionally run.

Weekly we gather for worship, encourage one another and apply ourselves to give to others the life-changing message of God's love and plan through His Son Jesus Christ!
Various ministries are active, but some of our highlights embracing all are 'On Point' sermon discussion and fellowship groups. 'Dinner for Eight' a SonLife community bonding meal and fellowship occasions. These warm and embracing times are held in a host home with a maximum of eight. A real enjoyable highlight is 'Meet a Miracle' events when we gather for a fellowship meal and hear the incredible story of Christ's intervention in our brother and sister's lives. This evening not only brings us closer through shared experiences but also acts as a great tool to share the great message of Jesus with family and friends. Perhaps aiding them to find their way on a journey to Jesus; love and power in their own lives.

We have hosted a homeless shelter for the homeless, an annual free School Supply Giveaway event, and even a New Winter Coat Giveaway for those in need.
Cherished, is a special evening to honor the mothers, daughters, and sisters of our relational and geographic community. It is an event that endeavors to build their value and self-esteem.
After much being said, we are just a community of Jesus followers who desire to represent him to each
other and to our needy world around us.



A very core belief is that Jesus came to give his life for us to pay the price for our sins. When one accepts this reality, spiritual power is released into that individual, changing their inner person toward God. The Bible calls this being "born again" An individual then begins to understand God's ways and begins to walk in a relationship which is very personal and rewarding.

As we walk in this relationship, three main things begin to spring forth:

1. We desire to worship God with our lifestyle and words expressing gratitude and recognition for Gods mercy and goodness

2. There arises a desire to mutually share our faith experiences and things we have learned with others of similar experience. As we experience God's care we then are motivated to care for the welfare of those others. This is the church in operation.

3. This experience is so meaningful, we then passionately desire for others we care about, to also enjoy this experience. We show them, tell them, and even lead them.

This is evangelism.

We thus believe in an inward, upward, and outward experience and expression of faith.


SonLife is all about community. Both inward and outward. We are not programmed to death and find ourselves very intentional in the events that we weekly and occasionally run.
                 Our Mission Statement has long been very clear

To make disciples by...

Connecting with God...

Connecting with others...

Connecting others with God!



The roots of this progressive church actually began in 1993 when a young Bible college graduate named Jonathan Smith was mandated by Evangel Church in Cole Harbor to plant a new Church in the North Dartmouth area.
It began with relationship-building connectors like passing out free light bulbs, toilet paper, and freezies for kids.
They began meeting as a diverse group in Pastor Smith's apartment and later moved to the Boys and Girls Club facility and then on to gyms located at local Schools. There they remained for a long season.
They flourished emphasizing relaxed dress, the infamous mid-service break, plus many other unique practices. They were very accepting of those who came spiritually, mentally and financially broken.
'Come As You Are' was and is our motto. Ministering to the obvious poverty situations was an ongoing wing of ministry for the fledgling church.

Free Sunday breakfasts, food and clothing give always continued to build relationships. The congregation was instituting techniques that were innovative for the time. Many of these are now practiced as a norm in various other aggressive churches desiring to reach out to others. We are proud to say many were first done at SonLife.
The group continued to grow as many committed followers were so motivated by the church's efforts and passion that they became part of them as they joined in on the mission.

The facility which now houses SonLife Church was gifted to the congregation by the former Emmanuel Anglican Church in 2005. It is an amazing older facility that can host so many varied events and lends a warm charm with its unique architecture.

Various renovations were undertaken to modernize the facility and are always ongoing due to the size and age of the structure.
SonLife continues to stay contemporary in its worship and various ministry expressions. Even though the new location caused a variant change in whom the ministry of Sonife was focused to reach; there remains a strong social action element through its outward ministry.
The congregation today is still focused on sharing the gospel and making disciples. 

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